Now that we are over
As the loving kind
We'll be dreaming ways
To keep the good alive

Only when we want is not
A compromise
I'll be pouring tears
Into your drying eyes

Friends, lovers, or nothing
There can only be one
Friends, lovers, or nothing
We'll never be the in-between
So give it up

You whisper, "Come on over"
Because you're two drinks in
But in the morning I will say
Good-bye again

Think we'll never fall into
The jealous game
The streets will flood
With blood of those who felt the same

Friends, lovers, or nothing
You see, there can only be one
Friends, lovers, or nothing
We'll never an in-between
So give it up

Anything other than yes is no
Anything other than stay is go
Anything less than I love you is lying

Esto de levantarme a las 4 de la tarde...le voy a coger el gustillo al final. Aunque es una pena gastar mi día libre en ronquidos jaja. Pero yo no tenía previsto salir anoche de marcha...Sorpresa total de Jorge :)
Mañana curro de 15 a 18 en Ryan...Ya veremos cómo se me portan los culés de vuelta a Girona ¬¬, lo que me faltaba un domingo. Bueno, por lo menos sé que no van a querer facturar hamacas, cellos ni cajas de munición jaja!

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